tolerant solid modeling.PNG

Tolerant solid modeling

Gain solid modeling tools aligned with the needs of CAM programmers. Don’t waste time fixing every single fault in your imported CAD.

  • Use CAM machining tolerances
  • No need for fully watertight model
  • Recognize and edit solid features
  • Ignore small gaps
  • Tolerate overlapping surfaces
  • Fix critical faults only

Import, analyze, and repair

Open CAD models from third-party software.

Quickly identify and repair faults that could complicate manufacture.

Prepare models to enable manufacture to start as quickly as possible. 

Analysis tools for:

  • Minimum corner radius
  • Thin wall sections
  • Insufficient taper
  • Undercuts
  • Discontinuities
  • Neutral import (IGES, STEP, STL)
  • Third-party import (Siemens NX, Parasolids, Catia)
  • Repair models with Solid Doctor

Flexible surface modeling

Automatically create complex manufacturing surfaces using the Smart Surface tool. 

Select any combination of geometry and intelligently create high-quality surfaces. 

For extreme control, modify individual surface curves or points to help meet your specific needs.

  • Trim region editing
  • Stitch surface patches
  • Append/divide surfaces
  • Smart Surface creator
  • Advanced tangency controls
  • Expert surface editing
  • Manipulate curves/points