Expert performance

PowerMill excels on large, complex parts consisting of surfaces, solids, or meshes.

Make full use your PC processing power to rapidly calculate, verify, and optimize high-quality toolpaths.

  • Rapid toolpath calculation
  • Optimized for complex models
  • 64-bit multicore
  • Quick simulation and verification
  • Fast and reliable postprocessing
  • Batch processing

High-speed roughing

Manufacture parts quickly with high-speed roughing strategies.

Produce smooth toolpaths with constant tool loading to maximize material removal rate and prolong cutter life.

  • High-efficiency rest-roughing
  • Smooth toolpath motion
  • Avoid full-width cuts
  • Stock models


  • High-speed for solid carbide cutters
  • High-feed for indexable tools
  • Step-up rest-roughing
  • Vortex roughing
  • Adaptive area clearance

Comprehensive finishing

Gain a vast array of 3, 4, and 5-axis finishing strategies.

Choose toolpaths to suit your part geometry and machining needs.

Achieve superior surface finish and reduce manual polishing.

  • Corner picking
  • Profile
  • Swarf
  • Flat
  • Surface projection
  • Point/line/plane projection
  • Steep and shallow milling
  • Optimized Constant Z
  • Spiral Constant Z
  • Radial/raster/spiral
  • Optimized raster with Arcs
  • 3D offset

Toolpath optimization

Make global or localized edits to your toolpaths without the need for lengthy recalculations.

Take full control of your NC programs for improved part quality and optimum cycle times.

  • Copy, rotate, and array toolpaths
  • Mirroring for handed parts
  • Repositioning start points
  • Intelligent segment selection
  • Limit toolpaths based on plane/sketch/boundary
  • Divide toolpaths based on cutting time and distance

Collision checking and avoidance

Get reliable tools to identify and remove collisions and near misses.

Remove colliding sections, use alternative tooling, or use 5-axis machine motion to avoid the collision completely.

  • Whole project analysis

Fix collisions and near misses:

  • Remove segments
  • Increase tool length
  • Use alternative tool
  • Automatic 5-axis tool tilting