Complex shape inspection

Ensure quality and conformance to specifications by inspecting complex components, assemblies, and tooling. Analyze 3D surfaces, cross-sections, trim edges, and geometry.

Understand inspection results at a glance with automatically generated reports that simplify communication between colleagues and customers.

Graphical programming

Explore quick and easy programming for measurement sequences. Measure parts with minimal preparation.

  • Interactively control the limits of section inspections.
  • Customize the interface with the functionality you use most often.
  • Inspect features without creating them first.
  • Determine the geometric feature type and nominal values when you are measuring with a CAD model.
  • Automatically generate section inspections when a section plane is selected.

Manufacturing integration

Optimize your manufacturing with adaptive fixturing, on-machine verification, electrode inspection, and clay milling.

  • Minimize setup times with adaptive fixturing.
  • Calibrate machine tools to optimize accuracy.
  • Verify your machining with machine tool probing.
  • Integrate inspection into electrode design and manufacturing.
  • In-process measurement quantifies variation and provides a basis for automation or improvement.