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Program parts faster

Automate your workflow from design to NC code.

The automation using feature recognition scans, identifies, and creates machinable features from your design automatically.

The features created contain associative machining operations with all of the information required to begin machining, helping reduce programming time.

Creating features in this way removes repetitive tasks, removing human error.

Verify your toolpaths with simulation and immediately generate NC code to get your part running on your machine faster.

Built-in intelligence

Based on your manufacturing knowledge, FeatureCAM intelligently makes decisions for you.

It automatically selects your tools, stepover, stepdown, and more, providing programming consistency.

These parameters, among others, form part of your operation.

All operations are associative to features, so if you change the dimensions or strategy of the feature, the operation automatically updates to reflect the change.

As you create multiple features, the software dynamically updates your process planning. This gives you an optimal machining order, based on what you want to achieve.

Feature recognition

Use feature recognition to scan, identify, and create machinable features from your design.

  • Using a combination to suit your requirements
  • Using re-recognition for design revisions
  • Automatically for the fastest results
  • Interactively for more control